We offer a wide range of tours and fishing charters which explores the Port MacDonnell region

• Our 52ft fully seated vessel will give you a comfortable days fishing.
• All rods and tackle supplied for all types of fishing.
• Fish you may catch include Bluefin Tuna, Albacore, Mako Shark, Flathead, Snapper, Knife Jaw,        

  Tasmanian Trumpeter, Gummy and School Shark and more!


1/2 Day          Full Day          Boat Hire
 $125pp           $250pp             $1600

Max 10 people

Scenic Tours

• Our 1 and 2 hour tours take in the spectacular rugged cliffs, off-shore reefs and rock formations that

   make up Port MacDonnell’s wild coastline.

• View our local marine wild life in their natural habitat; which can include whales, dolphins, seals and

  sea birds.

• We also offer personalised family cruises, spectacular sunset cruise, swimming, Christmas functions 

  and bird watching charters.


1hr Scenic Tour: $50pp              2hr Scenic Tour: $100pp

Personalised cruise package pricing may vary

Max 10 people